“Today, I Saw Olympia Fall”: Serena Williams Shares A Powerful Lesson Her Little Daughter Olympia Has Taught Her

Date July 20, 2018

Serena Williams has proved not once she is a strong woman and is capable to reach everything she wants.

Words of support

At the same time, she knows how to lose and keep her face no matter what. Her recent match at Wimbledon was a perfect proof. Of course, it wasn’t pleasant for Serena to lose to Angelique Kerber, but she’s managed to make the most out of it.

Serena has sent a powerful and more than encouraging message to all mothers and just people who are broken. Here’s what she said:

Stay strong no matter what.

Little daughter, big lesson

Following her loss at Wimbledon, Serena Williams has shared a very intimate message. It’s about how her daughter, Olympia, teaches her despite her being just a baby.

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The little girl is an example of strength for her mother and other people who think they can’t make it. Falling is a part of our lives, but doing it with a smile proves every mountain is surmountable.

Here’s this touching but so powerful post of Serena:

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Public reactions

Serena’s fans have immediately started commenting her post and totally agreed with what she said. It’s life, and falling is natural for every person.

There’s nothing to fear of; persistence and a strong belief that you can do it will solve every problem.

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Serena Williams