Jennifer Lopez On The Big Screen Again! 'Second Act' – That Is How Her Grand Return Is Called Now

Date July 20, 2018

When it comes to J.Lo, people would agree she’s perfect at everything she does.

Perfect woman

She is a great singer, actress, and a doting mother. J.Lo is one of those ‘from rags to riches’ examples who hasn’t lost their dignity and sensibility.


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Despite the fact that she's almost 50, Jennifer still looks stunning and continues to make her fans happy with new projects. She knows that in order to achieve anything, one has to work hard. And taking anything for granted isn’t her cup of tea.


Допис, поширений Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

'Second Act'

Recently, it’s been announced the actress will have her grand return to the big cinema world with a movie 'Second Act'. It’s a comedy about a regular woman, Maya. She is 40, and her life is boring but full of unfulfilled dreams.

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Surprisingly, she gets a chance to change her life and the lives of other people, proving to Madison Avenue that she deserves the job she gets. It’s one of the movies with "it’s never too late for anything" motto.

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Public's reactions

It’s enough to watch the trailer to fall in love with the movie at first glance. It’s fun, cute, romantic, and full of ambitions. Jennifer’s fans have grasped it right away, and they are very unanimous in their desire to see it as soon as possible!

Can’t wait for the premiere! You go, girl! Jennifer has proved once again that age doesn’t matter. Confidence – that’s what rules the world.

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