She Belongs There: People Couldn’t Stop Saying They Miss Their Lady Di In Louis’ Christening Photos

Date July 17, 2018

Princess Diana will remain one of the most beloved royal family members for many years on. Now that it’s been more than two decades since her tragic death, many things have changed. And here’s one of them.

Christening photoshoot

Princess Diana’s third grandchild was born. Recently, the world has celebrated Prince Louis’ christening. The day was filled with smiles and good emotions. The only person missing was Princess Diana.

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Everyone misses Princess Diana

Her fans and some of the royals keep imagining how things would turn out if she were here. It concerns Prince Louis’ christening photos as well. They show the whole family, except for the People's Princess, who couldn’t make it to the christening.

 Everyone but Princess Diana is present, and the pictures seem sad without her.

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Public's reactions

That’s the idea a lot of people have expressed on social media. They wished Diana were here. Some say that she belongs here, and that she would have been very proud of her sons, and their wives.

It’s heartbreaking that our beloved Lady Diana isn’t here anymore. But life goes on, so let’s enjoy it right here and right now!

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