Big News In The Family Of Princess Madeleine Of Sweden: They’ve Made A Special Announcement About Moving Out

Date August 3, 2018

Princess Madeleine’s family

Both Princess Madeleine of Sweden and her husband Christopher O'Neill have been through a lot since before they found each other. He is a British-born American financier and they met through mutual friends.


The couple has 3 beautiful kids, and the 3rd one was born in 2018.  


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Royal house removal!

Wow, the news is too exciting because it’s been officially announced the family of the Princess Madeleine of Sweden is moving to another house! And it’s not just another house, but another continent. For a long time, they have been living in London.

But now, Florida is their new destination. The family believes it’s a perfect time for their pre-school kids to see the USA. Here’s an official statement according to Hello:

Princess Madeleine has a great commitment to children's rights and will continue working with the World Childhood Foundation and, through the move, be able to focus more on the activities in the United States. Mr. Christopher O'Neill has previously been working in the United States but will continue his business in Europe. The family thus leaves the accommodation in London.

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Public reactions

Confusion – that’s the feeling we might use to describe the emotions of people who read the news. However, fans understand the family’s intentions to make the most of everything and try new things.

They are a great family that deserves only the best. Let’s hope such a decision will be good for the kids and they will easily get adjusted.

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