Bilinguals In The Family! Serena Williams Posts A Cute Video Where She Speaks To Her 11-Month-Old In French

Date August 2, 2018

With the arrival of Serena William’s baby girl, her life changed completely but the mother always tries to make the most out of it.

Life lessons

Even a simple baby’s fall has taught Serena a lot and she decided to share the lesson with her fans on Twitter. The woman said that even her little baby stood up after a fall, and so should all people.

This little but precious baby reminded about her power and ability not to give up, ever. That’s the message she sent to her fans.

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Bilingual mother!

And while little baby teaches Serena not to give up, Serena teaches her another important skill – speaking French. The mother has recently shared in her stories on Instagram a small video of how she speaks to the baby girl in French, teaching her to grow up a bilingual.

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Public reactions

People were amazed by two things. The first is that Serena speaks French so perfectly, and the other – she teaches her 11-months baby the same.

It raises lots of respect for the mommy and urges people not to waste their time and go into learning something new.

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