Busy Bees Go To Relax: For The 1st Time Since January The Royal Family Will Do Only One Thing, Leaving Doors To The Buckingham Palace Open

Date July 31, 2018 17:35

It’s been a while since the royal family has been on vacation. Every member of the royal family has some planned weekly engagements they must attend to.

Finally, vacation!

And soon it’s going to be the only week the Royals have nothing planned and will be able to enjoy their free time with the families. It means everyone starting from the Queen, Prince Philip, their son Prince Charles, daughter Princess Anne, grandchildren Prince William and Prince Harry with their families will have their summer finally started.



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Buckingham Palace opens its doors

Meanwhile, the Buckingham Palace opens its doors as every year so that its visitors could have a tour through 19 magnificent State Rooms and the Palace's Garden.


It’s something the palace does every year since 1993 in summer.

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People say

Of course, people are absolutely thrilled about the opportunity. Those who have already been there said it’s a great idea to come and visit the place. Others offered the Queen to take a tour around their house.


By all means, it’s a perfect opportunity for people to have a glimpse of what the royal life seems to be like. People who visit the palace will see how everything looks like from the inside while the royals enjoy their summer holidays.

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