Kate Hudson Is Having Time Of Her Live In Italy While Relaxing And Preparing For The Birth Of Her Baby Daughter

Date July 2, 2018 17:46

One holiday after another – that’s how Kate Hudson is enjoying her first pregnancy.

First, there’s Greece

The happy 39-year old mommy-to-be is expecting a baby daughter with her boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa. And the couple cares about how their precious baby bump is doing, trying to get it as much comfort as possible.

At first, they indulged themselves during a family vacation in Greece. There was the whole Kate’s family, including her mother, Goldie Hawn, and brothers, Oliver and Wyatt Hudson.

Judging by the photos, they must have had the time of their lives there.

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Then, there’s Italy

No sooner had they relaxed after the Greek holidays, then the Italian ones have approached. Kate Hudson has shared her growing baby bump during her vacation in Italy. Together with Danny Fujikawa they flew off to Tuscany to enjoy this gorgeous location and its views.

It seems to be a perfect place for the mommy-to-be to get ready for giving birth and enjoy the time with her belly.

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Kate obviously enjoys her wonderful state and her photos prove that. Cute belly in bikinis – that’s how the woman spends her vacation.

And it’s so sweet! Her fans are over the moon with the pregnant news and don’t keep calm repeating how thrilled and happy they are for their favorite actress.

Kate Hudson