Kim Kardashian Admits There’s A Hair Issue She Feels Sad About, Just Like Every Girl At Least Once In Her Life

Date July 31, 2018 16:18

It’s been since the times immemorial that the Kardashians have been dictating the trends for the seasons to come. This time they seem to dictate trends to each other.

Matching haircuts

At first, it was Khloe who impressed everyone with her new bob haircut that suited her a lot. However, after a few days Kim appeared in the limelight with her brand-new hairstyle that seems to be a perfect match of the Khloe’s one. It seems the sisters have agreed to look like twins.

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Here's Khloe: 

And here's Kim in one of her new interviews: 

Pressing problem

However, it’s appeared a new haircut hasn’t made all Kim’s problems go away with the hair. On the contrary, it’s created even more of them. The reality show celebrity has shared she misses her long hair!

It came out of the blue as Kim looks stunning with her new hair! Here’s what the celebrity wrote on Twitter:

Anyways, it isn’t the biggest problem ever and let’s hope Kim won’t be too sad about it.

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Her fans seem to agree with Kim. There were lots of comments she looked better with her long wavy hair. But there’s no way back. At least for some time until her hair grows to the same length.

We think she looks amazing no matter the hairstyle! Kim will always be Kim! And how do you like her new hair?

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