'Love That You Can Teach Your Kids The Simple Life', Chip Gaines Enjoys Raising His Kids On A Farm

Date July 30, 2018

Being a father as well as a mother is a whole art. A person needs to be everything and everyone at the same time for his/her kids. The person also has to learn how to unwind when there is time for that.

Chilling father

Chip Gaines seems to have learned the ropes. Recently, he’s shared about his small vacation on a boat. And that’s when he is a father of five children! The man does know how to find time for everything. Chip is of the opinion everyone needs to take a break once in a while, and that’s definitely true.

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Teaching a simple life

At the same time, he doesn’t forget about his kids and spends every free minute with them. The father of 5 has shared how he teaches them living a rural life. And his photos are simply amazing.

His kids will know from their early ages how to enjoy the most simple things. And it’s probably the biggest secret about enjoying their lives. Here’s how the father captioned one of his rural posts:

So glad to be home! #farmLife

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Public comments

People adore the family of the Gaines for everything – their style, kids, and love of each other. Now, there is another thing they will love the family for. And it’s nothing but their rural life.

Their fans have admitted spending time in this way is so precious and thanked the family for being such a wonderful role model!

These people are just great and everyone should have them as an example of a perfect family.

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