Major News From The Royal Family: A Special Event Is Coming For One Young Person

Date August 1, 2018 17:23

Before the birth of a new baby in the family, parents usually worry about how the oldest kid will behave with a little sister or brother. Zara Tindall was worried about the same before the birth of her 2nd daughter.

Attitude to newborn sister

Recently, Mike has revealed Mia likes being an older sister and they haven’t had any problems with this so far. She is very loving towards the little baby and it means a lot to the whole family. Mike says it might be influenced by a bunch of presents from friends and well-wishers.


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Fresh news from the royal family

In addition to being a loving sister, Mia will soon become a reason for another major milestone in the royal family. The thing is, the Queen’s great-granddaughter will be starting ‘big school’ in autumn, according to Hello.


There is no certain information yet about the school the parents have chosen for their 4-year-old kid. However, chances are high it will be somewhere close to their home on Princess Anne's Gatcombe estate in Gloucestershire.



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What people think about little Mia

All in all, royal fans adore little Mia and can’t enjoy more the photos their royal parents share from time to time. She’s totally adorable.

Let’s hope her parents chose a great school for her and she’ll enjoy the new ‘adult’ life in the ‘big school’.

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