Missing Richard Gere? Julia Roberts Shares A Nostalgic Throwback To The Times Of 'Runaway Bride'

Date July 31, 2018 10:33

When actors don’t click at first, chances are high the movie they work together won’t be any good. That’s how Julia Roberts found her Richard Gere.

A relationship between Roberts and Gere

The thing is Julia Roberts had to beg Richard Gere to agree for the role as he felt to be the right person. She didn’t want the movie to go in vain, so Julia together with director Gary Marshall took a trip to NY and pleaded the actor to join the cast. Here’s how Julia described it in one of her interviews:

I just said ‘you have to do this movie, if you don’t do this movie and it falls apart and I lose this job it would just be terrible’. And I kinda pleaded with him in a very real way. And all three of us went out to dinner and um, I had a great time and he changed all our lives forever by agreeing to do this movie.


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Nostalgic throwback

Recently, she’s shared a totally sweet and nostalgic throwback to the times with Richard Gere on another movie they both played leading roles in 'The Runaway Bride'.

© Pretty Woman (1990) / Touchstone Pictures, Silver Screen Partners IV

Julia Roberts posted a photo on her Instagram and captioned it:

⭐️ Runaway Bride ⭐️ #FBF

She has great memories from the times with the team. The movie was shot 9 years after the 'Pretty Woman' that brought Julia a Golden Globe nomination and Academy Award for Best Actress. 

© Pretty Woman (1990) / Touchstone Pictures, Silver Screen Partners IV

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Fans’ reaction

Fans loved the flashback and didn’t hesitate to call her Cynthia! Also, they didn’t forget she doesn’t age with time and look just amazing. These are by far one of the most romantic movie memories ever.

Anyways, Julia reminded us with her throwback it’s necessary to fight for everything you wish for. And backing down isn’t an option at all.

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