Reese Witherspoon Attacks Meryl Streep With An Ice Cream, And People Turn It Into A Viral Meme In A Nick Of Time

Date August 3, 2018

Lots of actresses like having fun. And Meryl Streep together with Reese Witherspoon seems like a perfect couple for that.

Ice cream attack

Recently, it’s been all over Twitter that Reese Witherspoon has attacked Meryl Streep with an ice cream. And there are no chances she did that accidentally. There is a photo proof, and it’s undeniable.

A series of photos show how one actress tries to pelt Meryl with a huge ice cream. There’s been one Twitter post saying:

I am praying Reese pelts Meryl with that ice cream. #BigLittleLies

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And it got a reply from Reese. Here it is:

Viral meme

These photos has got their own lives just in a couple of hours, and people started turning them into funny memes. When there is imagination, there are no limits for anything. That’s how all these were created. People had some fun commenting on the photos. 

To tell the truth, they are adorable as the very situation.

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The meme answer

The thing is, the two actresses are now playing in a hit series called Big Little Lies. Meryl Streep has just joined the cast for a new season, and it’s predicted to be a real blast.

© Big Little Lies (2017) / Blossom Films, David E. Kelley Productions, Pacific Standard

They aren’t the only first-class celebrities in the series. Nikole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgård have even received Screen Actors Guild Awards for their performances.

© Big Little Lies (2017) / Blossom Films, David E. Kelley Productions, Pacific Standard

Let’s hope all the actors are getting well with each other, and the photos that are served as a perfect material for the meme were just for fun.

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