The Fighter: Kim Kardashian With A New Haircut Appears At Jimmy Kimmel’s Show To Speak About Visit To The Oval Office

Date August 2, 2018

There’s a glam life of Kim Kardashian, and then there is a real-life Kim who is compassionate about others and tries to do everything she can for them.

Oval office visit

It’s hard to imagine Kim in the Oval office with the president, Donald Trump, but there is a photo that proves it did happen and the reason for such a visit was quite unusual. The woman went to Donald Trump to discuss prison reform after she came through something unexpected on Twitter.

The story of a woman who was sentenced for a non-violent drug offense touched her heart and Kim begged the president to set her free.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s show

After that, Kim appeared at Jimmy Kimmel’s show to talk about the matter as well as to show off her new image. She changed her hairstyle completely to a cute bob haircut that suits her so much.

The celebrity was frank about her visit to the Oval office, she said only the best and respectful words about the president and his decision on the woman whose sentence they discussed.

What’s more, Kim mentioned she was at a nude photoshoot when Donald Trump called her to speak about his decision. It was rather fast, in about a week after her visit, the president announced his favorable verdict to her.

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Public reactions

Kim’s fans liked both her hair and an easy-going interview. They praised the celebrity for her determination and willingness to stand up for others who need help.

Let’s thank Kim for her efforts, she’s a great person who can change this world for the best.

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