After Being Asked How She Was Feeling While Pregnant, Meghan Markle Had The Most Hilarious Response

Date December 19, 2018

For members of the Royal household, being a patron to charities plays a critical role in drawing publicity to various contributions that these organizations perform for society. From the Queen to the Royal Princes, being patrons to various organizations is considered a privilege and a service to the nation.

Recently, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, went out of her way to spread Christmas cheer when she visited the Brinsworth House in Twickenham.

After Being Asked How She Was Feeling While Pregnant, Meghan Markle Had The Most Hilarious Responsegettyimages

Brinsworth, which is a nursing and residential care home maintained by the Royal Variety Charity, has been home to retired professionals of the entertainment and theatre industry since 1911.

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"I am feeling very pregnant today!"

During the event, where Markle participated in various activities such as making baubles for a poster, the former actress looked comfortable as she connected with the residents while showing off her unique calligraphy skills.  

But while Meghan is a patron to the charity, she was not safe from questions about her pregnancy as residents were very curious on how she was faring. When the gorgeous Duchess was asked about her baby bump that popped up through her stylish floral dress by Brock Collection, her response was hilarious.

Answering the curious question that she has been asked several times in the past months, Meghan confirmed that she was indeed doing well but "feeling very pregnant today." Her funny response reflected her jolly mood and affirmed that she was truly enjoying herself during the visit.

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Meghan is lovely and glowing!

For other people, Meghan’s work with the charity was applauded and people commended the fact that she strived to do meaningful work even while being pregnant.

Others added that Meghan is still the lovely princess they fell in love with despite the fact that she is 'different'.

Well, it would seem that Meghan is keen to make her contribution to society felt and we salute her resolve to spread Christmas cheer whichever way she can. She is feeling very pregnant, but still very inspirational.

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