“Wrong Career Choice, My Friend.” Celine Dion's Son René-Charles Decided To Follow In His Mother’s Footsteps But To Some, It’s A No! No!

Date January 14, 2019 13:23

Everyone knows Celine Dion as the powerful woman who captivated the world with a one of a kind vocal range that delivered ballads on love, relationships, and life. Well, out of the limelight, the five time Grammy winner has also undergone her own share of heartbreaking personal challenges that truly tested her strength.


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Before she conceived her eldest son Rene-Charles through IVF when she was 33 years old, the star songstress had suffered from long-term infertility which had denied her the joy of being a mother. However, after the conception and birth of her son, Celine’s luck changed as she finally got to experience what it means to be a mother, a fate she would repeat when she got two other sons at 45 years!

Sadly, while it appeared that she was finally realizing her destiny in life, Celine suffered when she lost her hubby of 22 years, Rene Angelil, a loss that forced her to take a break from her career to grieve. Since then, the vocalist has drawn her strength from her three wonderful sons and every passing year, they become even more like her.


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Rene-Charles followed in his mother’s footsteps

Just like his mother, Rene-Charles appears to consider music to be a great passion and it would seem that he is definitely a chip off the old block.


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For Rene-Charles who is considered a music producer, singer, and talent manager, music is more than a hobby and he has already released several songs under his moniker, ‘Big Tip’.


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However, despite his mother success in delivering heartfelt love ballads, the budding artist chose rap as his genre and his most popular songs, which are practically remixes, performed exemplarily on SoundCloud’s R&B charts.


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While two records, 'Catwalks (Sidewalks Remix),' and 'Loft Music Remixare covers of The Weeknd’s hit songs, the young rapper did them justice by proving that he is indeed talented as a lyricist and a rapper.

Stay away from rap!

However, while Big Tip showed that he is a promising new act, the reception to his music was lukewarm as some sections felt that he should steer clear of rap as a genre.

For some, Celine Dion’s son rapping is just something that they did not want.

Others even suggested that Celine Dion should intervene and steer her first-born son away from rap since he would get ‘roasted’ in the genre.

Well, despite the resistance, Rene-Charles still made an impressive run on SoundCloud and his singles raked in over 1000 likes on the site which proved that people loved them and proved that they listened to him. While it is impossible to predict the future, a sure bet is that Big Tip is bound to make more waves in the future since he surely has the talent and the support he needs to carve out his own destiny.

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