Love Birds Alert! Til Schweiger Gleefully Shows Off His New Girlfriend, Francesca Dutton, At The Audi Generation Awards

Date December 17, 2018 15:03

Til Schweiger has carved out a place for himself as a great German actor and director and his huge portfolio of hit films are proof that he is truly a talented man. While the actor became an eligible bachelor after his divorce in 2005, it would seem that he's finally found his match in fellow producer, Francesca Dutton.


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In the past, Schweiger has shared his relationship with Francesca through his Instagram feed that is more like a love chart for the couple’s trips, dates, and escapades; a fact that suggested their closeness to each other. From his posts, endearing words such as "she completes me" are often featured, suggesting that the two truly share a special connection with each other.


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However, while they look great in pictures together, the couple were yet to make headlines, a feat they achieved recently when they attended the Audi Generation Award (2018).

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Sweet love birds!

As they posed for pictures and spoke at the event, it was easy to see that they are definitely crushing on each other. Their body languages said it all. In the video, Dutton (32) can be seen completely enjoying herself in Schweiger’s (54) company, gleefully smiling at her partner whose feelings seem reciprocal.

With the beautiful Dutton at his side, Schweiger, who played the tough-looking German cop in Muppets Most Wanted (2014), can be seen smiling broadly in clear testament that he is a happy man. His rare smile is adorable!


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However, while the two revealed that they are seeing each other now, theirs has been a long journey as they have known each other for 12 years. They appear to be a good fit and the fact that Francesca agreed to learn German is proof that they are getting serious.

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Schweiger was married in the past

This relationship, however, is not the first for Til Schweiger, who was married to ex-wife Dana Carlsen, a relationship that ended in divorce in 2005. From that marriage, Schweiger was fortunate to have four beautiful kids, a son and three daughters, who he is awfully close to.


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According to his ex-wife, Dana, their relationship ended because Schweiger was always working, a fact that made her and the kids feel neglected.

I felt very alone. Of course Til got involved, but he was mostly out and about working. The children missed the daily closeness of the father very much. 


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Despite his rocky past relationship experience, it would seem that Schweiger is ready for love again and this time, he is keen to give it his all.

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