Marvelous Look-Alike! Here Is Ariana Grande’s Twin Sister, But They're Not Related At All!

Date December 13, 2018 16:54

At the recent Billboard Music Awards, Ariana Grande was named the Woman of the Year, a recognition that added a crown to her status as a world renowned singer with an impressive collection of chart-topping hits to boot. To most of her fans, the Thank U, Next star is an inspiration as her success is proof that, with hard work, determination, and a sparkle of talent, anyone can become an icon at a young age.


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Underneath the star vocalist’s fame, Ariana is also considered a fashion icon as everything she does aside from singing is copied by her most dedicated fans. To them, the God is a Woman star’s looks, tastes in clothing, and even her physical features, distinguish her as symbols of her iconic status. 


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Recently, social media has been alive with questions on whether Ariana has a twin sister, since this Instagram star is the musician's doppelganger.

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I am Ariana’s Look-Alike!

Jacky Vasquez is a celebrity in her own right. She has amassed an impressive following on Instagram of over 211,000 followers. The main reason why Vasquez has received such fame and recognition on social platforms is because she looks just like Ariana Grande, to the point that she truly ‘twins’ with her!


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From her pictures on Instagram, it’s hard to deny that she's a picture-perfect copy of Ariana, matching most of her features. From her signature ponytail and cat ears, her petite frame, and even the adorable dimple on her left cheek, she is every bit Ariana's double!

Here is Ariana's picture for comparison.


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Can you see the similarities? According to the Guatemalan-born Instagram star, while she looks just like the Grammy-winning star, she does not intend to personify her as it is a great compliment to just look her. 

It feels amazing to be compared to Ariana since I see her as a sister. She's so beautiful…I honestly don't know she feels about the comparisons, but to me, it's a huge compliment!


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What do people think about her?

To Vasquez, however, while she looks just like Ariana, the comparisons go both ways: while some praise her comparisons to Ariana, others just see her as a copycat.

What do you think about Ariana’s look-alike? Does she resemble Ariana? Leave your comments below.

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