With The Festive Season, These Celebrities Chose To Run With Ugly Christmas Outfits, And They Are Hilarious! What Are You Wearing?

Date December 27, 2018 13:35

When you hear the name Christmas, which colors do you see? Well, Christmas has been associated with a few notable colors that include green, red, gold, white, blue, and sometimes, the rare purple. While these colors are used, however, each of them carries a special meaning that can often be used to understand the season’s traditional roots.

With The Festive Season, These Celebrities Chose To Run With Ugly Christmas Outfits, And They Are Hilarious! What Are You Wearing?2shrimpS /

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For instance, the green from the Christmas tree signifies ‘good luck,’, while the red, which is often considered Santa’s outfit, symbolizes the blood of Jesus when he died on the cross. Therefore, for most people, wearing garments that reflect these colors is important as it represents their mood and their apparent dedication to the Christmas spirit.

Celebrities and their fun-filled and ridiculous Christmas wardrobes

Well, when it comes to showing off trends, celebrities always lead the way and when it comes to Christmas attires, their choices range from the cute to the utterly ridiculous!

For Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, who are both star actors, dressing up as Santa and Rudolf the reindeer can look bad-ass as they absolutely ‘sleigh’!


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And when the two are not being ridiculous, they are joined by their family and together, they prove that their love for Christmas is no overstatement.


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When it comes to Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds, the ultimate master of 'savage roasts', Christmas can sometimes be disappointing attire-wise as he found out when he posed with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.


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He even looks sour as the others tricked him by not wearing their ‘ugly Christmas’ sweaters.

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Fellow actor Nick Lachey, however, appears to pride himself in his own ridiculous Christmas sweater that he called "the ugliest thing in his closet."


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For David Beckham, who was once named People’s 'Sexiest Man Alive', reindeer antlers can also be sexy as he proved by posting a picture while he roasted chestnuts on an open fire.


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Even Ryan Seacrest is not left behind as he posed with Kelly Ripa in their classic red-checked pajamas.


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Finally, Matt Damon and Miley Cyrus somehow managed to look amazing in their red-themed ugly Christmas sweaters.


SNL! 💔 @nbcsnl

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The ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ challenge is all the rave

For most people who are a little older, Christmas sweaters were just ugly and to reminisce the beautiful but lackluster times, the ‘ugly Christmas’ challenge was born. However, while the sweaters are unquestionably ugly, some of the rules are that they should be uncomfortable, cheap to wear, and if it’s homemade, you have to proclaim it.


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And the trend has really caught on as people pulled out their uniquely hilarious attires and rocked them for the whole world to see.


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These lovers of red definitely went all out.


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Even this cute doggo was not left behind.


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And an elf also made it in time from the North Pole.


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This group was also out to spread the Christmas cheer in their ugly Christmas sweaters.

Truly, Christmas is the only season you can be proud of the ugly. If you haven’t whipped out yours, then you are missing out big-time.

Did you pull out your ugly Christmas sweater from the back of the closet this year?

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