"Real Men Don’t Harass And Bully Women!": Australian Senator Sarah Hanson-Young Angrily Lashes Out After A Male Senator's Rude Remarks

Date December 20, 2018

Australian Senator Sarah Hanson-Young recently lashed out against several male senators whom she singled out as 'cowards' and 'bullies'. The conflict between Hanson-Young and her fellow senators began several months ago when she was attacked by Senator David Leyonhjelm who said that she should "stop shagging men."

Since then, Hanson-Young has sued Leyonhjelm for the rude comments he made to the media, signaling her seriousness to find respect in the house of parliament. However, the troubles for the Greens Party Senator for South Australia were not over yet, as another parliamentarian, Senator Barry O'Sullivan, also targeted her recently. 

"Real Men Don’t Harass And Bully Women!": Australian Senator Sarah Hanson-Young Angrily Lashes Out After A Male Senator's Rude Remarksgettyimages

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"Real men don’t harass and bully women!"

Speaking after offensive comments by O’ Sullivan’s that forced Senator Di Natale to call him a ‘pig’ and a ‘disgrace,’ Hanson-Young expressed her displeasure with attacks from fellow parliamentarians.

While hailing Di Natale as a real man for standing up to O'Sullivan, Hanson-Young passionately retorted that:

Real men don't insult and threaten women...they don't slut shame them and they don't attack them and make them feel bullied in their workplace.

For the senator, her fellow male senators who include Barry O’Sullivan, David Leyonhjelm, Cory Bernardi, and Fraser Anning need to stop attacking her and her fellow female parliamentarians with their insensitive comments. While adding that "they were not fit to represent their constituents," Hanson-Young called the senators cowardly bullies who could not engage in any form of meaningful debate.

Hanson-Young inspired many with her comments

The fiery comments by Hanson-Young that called for equality in parliament and demanded respect attracted sympathetic reactions from women, Australians, and people from around the world who lauded her actions.

While it is too early to gauge the impacts of her actions, Senator Hanson-Young made it clear that she's powerful and not afraid to stand up to any form of harassment – a fact that makes her a great inspiration to all women. 

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