Talent Trickled Down? Demi Moore And Bruce Willis’ Daughter Sings To Prove That She Is Just As Talented As Her Parents

Date December 27, 2018 10:41

Since she was a child, Rumer Willis was in the spotlight since her parents are Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, two performers that have gained an almost iconic status in Hollywood. Well, while she did not look like any of her parents as a child, as she grew up, she transformed into a beautiful woman with looks that only rivaled her mother’s.


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After her surprise win of season 20 of Dancing With The Stars, Rumer Willis transformed her look as she twinned with her famous mother, calling attention to their shared features that are nothing short of stunning. Looking at her, one can’t help but reimagine a younger Moore as the duo strikingly mirror each other.

Talent Trickled Down? Demi Moore And Bruce Willis’ Daughter Sings To Prove That She Is Just As Talented As Her Parentsgettyimages

She’s definitely a chip off the old block. But, are Rumer’s looks the only thing that connects her to her famous parents? 

Rumer's as talented as her parents

Recently, Rumer starred in the popular Fox musical drama show Empire, where she has a recurring role as Tory Ash, a musician with a beautiful voice and an addiction problem. While Rumer’s role as an actress was not a surprise for most fans, as she was propelled to fame through other films like Striptease, The Whole Nine Yards, and Hostage, her character in the show was the true amazement.


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As she took into her character as Tory Ash, Rumer revealed that she has another talent aside from acting, singing; and she’s extremely good at it. In the role, where she performs a Soul/RnB piece, Rumer captivates and mesmerizes with her strong voice that makes you admit that she’s sure her own woman.

As she belts the lines of her song, Crazy Crazy 4 U, she proves that she takes more from her parents than their looks, as she also has their talent. She is as talented, if not more gifted as they are and she wants the world to know it!

She’s out to make her parents proud

After seeing Rumer's video and the great skills she has an actress and singer, people were quick to point out that she really makes her parents proud. Some of the congratulatory messages on her video included:

@Darlene Bimbai:

Rumer Willis says Amy Winehouse is one of her biggest musical inspirations so definitely not a surprise that she went for that vibe here. She's got a great voice!

@Kelly Carter:

Now, that was one hell of a performance!! Demi and and Bruce must have been beside themselves with pride. Rumor has all the soul and sultry of Amy Winehouse and then some! I think she should explore this particular path adn see where it leads! Beautifully done. 


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For any parent, having a talented child is like being born again and for Demi Moore and her husband, their daughter is another chance for them to take over the world. As a daughter, Rumer has made them proud by proving that she not only takes after their looks but that she is also as talented as them.

So, do you think that Rumer Willis will surpass her parent’s fame? Well, while the odds are great in her favor, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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