Too Much Father’s Love? Til Schweiger Is Under Fire After Posting A Video Kissing His 20-Year-Old Daughter On The Lips!

Date December 19, 2018 16:14

Tilman Schweiger, or ‘Til’ as he is popularly known, has made a name for himself as a film producer, director, actor, and editor, and his impressive portfolio of German and international film projects are proof. In 2007, Schweiger film, Keinohrhasen became the most successful film in Germany as it won a Bambi, the German Comedy Award, and a Jupiter Award among other reputable accolades, crowning his achievements as a director.

Too Much Father’s Love? Til Schweiger Is Under Fire After Posting A Video Kissing His 20-Year-Old Daughter On The Lips!gettyimages

However, behind the scenes, Schweiger has also succeeded as a great father to a son and three beautiful daughters, all who followed in his giant footsteps. His daughters, Luna, Lilli, and Emma became child actresses as they all featured in films he produced while his son, Valentin, has starred in three notable films.


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While Schweiger seems to support his children in any way he can, the renowned director never shies away from showing off his beautiful daughters who he is most proud of. If you scroll his Instagram page for a split second, chances are that you will spot Schweiger posing alongside one or two of his daughters.


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How much love is too much?

However, last August, Schweiger (54) came under close scrutiny when his follower questioned whether his love was too much when it came to his daughters. In the heated controversy that woke up social media, speculations ran wild after the actor posted a video where he was kissing her daughter Lilli (20), on the lips!


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The playful video, where the actor and his daughter lightly kissed a number of times, started a major controversy as people started to question the depth of the actor’s relationship with his daughter. For most people who commented on the video which has over 500,000 views, Schweiger’s conduct with his daughter was very questionable, especially since he was also shirtless.

But, in a classic response that only Schweiger can pull off, the star director posted a follow-up video where the lovely father-daughter duo was kissing again, but this time; on the cheeks.


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With the video, Schweiger attached a funny caption that asked:

Father& Daughter love again! ❤️No kisses on the lips involved! Happy?!

However, while many thought that the actor would cower in shame, he had more surprises in store since when they went to dinner in September, the funny father posted another snap where he kissed his daughter on the lips, again!


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Even after a divorce, Schweiger tried to be a great father

Schweiger, who separated from Dana Carlsen, the mother to his four kids in 2005 has struggled to play a role in their lives despite living apart from them.


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While Schweiger shows his great love for his children, they were solely raised by Carlsen, who notes that raising four kids on her own was tough.

I felt very alone... Of course Til got involved, but he was mostly out and about working. The children missed the daily closeness of the father very much.


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Well, it would seem that Schweiger is keen to fill the gap he left when his kids were younger by being closer to them and sharing everything he does with them. Despite the controversies of his posts that he clearly does not seem to mind, it is clear that Schweiger loves his baby girls and he is not scared to show it!

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