Family Battle! Beyonce's Mom Shows Off Her Epic Dance Moves In Dance-Off With Granddaughter Blue Ivy

Date July 18, 2018

Have you ever wondered where Beyoncé got her epic dance moves from? One of the latest posts on Tina Knowles’ Instagram feed clearly proves she got them from her mom!

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Just recently, the family has been vacationing in the south of France, having the time of their lives. And on July 10, the 64-year-old mom of the legendary singer shared the cutest video of herself competing against 6-year-old Blue Ivy in a dance-off.

Apparently, the grandma and the granddaughter challenged each other to make up some dance moves. And this is what Tine came up with while dancing to Beyoncé and JAY-Z‘s new single “Apes”:

We had to make up an original dance move. My awkward shoulder move was my made up dance.

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Look how fierce she is!

Knowles also admitted that she lost to her eldest granddaughter who had a better routine:

I know it’s wrong but my competition is only 6. She killed it though!!!

We wish Blue Ivy’s moves were posted as well to see the entirety of the epic battle!


But this was not the only fun the family had. Tina also shared another post where she’s telling a hilarious cheesy joke. You can find it below:

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Without a doubt, Beyoncé inherited her queen genes from her mother. We mean, Tina is 64-year-old, but she doesn’t look her age. Instead, you can easily think she’s the singer’s older sister.


This apple surely didn’t fall far from the tree!