Duchess Meghan Adopted One Of Princess Diana’s Favorite Fashion Trends, And It Suits Her Perfectly

Date June 28, 2018

Recently, Meghan Markle has attended the Queen’s Young Leaders Awards along with other members of the famous family. But surprisingly, it was not her good looks that drew everyone’s attention.

As it turned out, the duchess wasn’t sitting properly, crossing her legs instead of clasping them together and slanting them to one side. So-called Duchess Slant is a firm favorite of Kate Middleton, but Meghan is not the only royal to decide to sit in a different pose.


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Her late mother-in-law was often spotted crossing her legs at official outings. And the pose is not the only Princess Diana’s habit that the American beauty copied.


The 36-year-old stepped out in a gorgeous blush colored skirt suit, which reminded of Diana’s style. The late princess loved rocking boxy power suits.


Throughout the 90s, she often opted for jackets with a defined silhouette and a nipped-in waist. And without any doubt, she always looked incredible in them.

Actually, Meghan seems to adopt Diana’s style even further, as more and more of her outfits are reminiscent of what the princess was wearing.

And judging by the comments left by royal watchers on Twitter, there are many fans of the duchess’ looks.

Of course, we don’t expect Meghan’s every outfit to look like something Diana would wear, as we appreciate that the former actress has her own captivating style.

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