John Legend Has Competition? Chrissy Teigen Sings To Baby Son In New Photo And Reveals His Favorite Song

Date July 31, 2018 12:06

Ever since Chrissy Teigen gave birth to son Miles, she hasn’t been able to resist posting numerous pictures of her precious boy. And without any doubt, the baby has already won hearts of hundreds of his mom’s followers.

Just take a look at this bundle of joy


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Miles is the second child of Chrissy, whom she welcomed with her husband John Legend. The couple are also proud parents to adorable daughter Luna. The siblings seem to get along perfectly.


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Right now, the family is on a gorgeous beach vacation. The 32-year-old model posted quite a few snaps of the trip, but the one that immediately caught our attention was this beautiful picture of the mom with her boy.

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In the photo, Chrissy is posing in a wide-brimmed hat and a flowing cream skirt while cradling her baby. She looks like she’s totally at ease with the surroundings! She captioned the pic: ‘just being my sweet, peaceful self’.


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Another post that melted hearts was this snap of the mom singing to 10-week-old Miles in bed. Does husband John Legend have a competition?


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Actually, Chrissy revealed in the caption that she was singing her son’s favorite song. It’s called Copacabana, and you can listen to the full track in the video below.

How did the fans react?

Some flooded the comment section, showering the little boy with compliments: ‘He has such a cute and friendly face, its like mini John’.

Others thanked Chrissy for sharing the everyday side of their lives: ‘Thank you for sharing not only every girls reality but your mum stripes.’

We hope the family have a good time vacationing!

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