TV Presenter Fiona Phillips Opens Up About Her Depression And Its Connection To Menopause

Date June 14, 2018

Fiona Phillips had a lot of things to go though in her life, and she’s not afraid of opening up about her struggles with anxiety and depression. As the journalist revealed on the recent Lorraine episode, she thinks these worries are hereditary.

When the TV presenter was a child, her mom would constantly lock herself in the room in the dark. She could even spend the entire day in it because she was too depressed.

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Philips started dealing with depression and anxiety when she had to care for both of her late parents who suffered from Alzheimer’s. And apart from that, she needed to bring up her two sons and work on TV.

Fiona believes her negative experiences could have been triggered by menopause. As she said:

Things happen to you… and the menopause - that is a horrible thing! I remember my mum in a real state with her menopause and I just thought, 'It can't be that bad surely' – and yes, it can.

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How did she cope with it?

Well, she just had to. Otherwise, she would have been left with two ill parents and without a house for her kids to live in. So, the only way out was to pull oneself together.

Can depression be caused by menopause?

Actually, depression as a symptom or disorder is not related to menopause. But fluctuating levels of hormones during this period can result in mood swings. /

How to deal with it?

In mild to moderate cases, herbal remedies can help. Women can also participate activities that they like (for example, going to a movie or doing a mild exercise). Besides, it helps break large tasks into smaller ones and set priorities. Doctors can also prescribe some medication, like low-dose oral contraceptives.

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If the case is severe, there might be a need for antidepressant medication. But doctor’s advice is necessary.\

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