How Did Duchess Camilla Celebrate Her 71st Birthday And What Birthday Cake Did She Have?

Date July 18, 2018

Congratulations to Duchess Camilla! The royalty has just celebrated her big day, as she turned 71 on July 17. How did she celebrate?

Last year, her beloved husband Prince Charles threw a party for Camilla at his Highgrove home. But this time, the royal couple is on an annual tour of Cornwall, and they happened to be in the Scilly Isles on the duchess’ birthday.

But this doesn’t mean they didn’t have fun there!

Camilla and Charles made a visit to St. Mary’s, a picturesque island, to open a newly designed quay. And while this was an official engagement, the still managed to fit in birthday celebrations.

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The pair stopped by On The Quay, a new harbor-side restaurant, where the Duchess of Cornwall was presented with a colorful floral bouquet and a delicious carrot cake that was decorated with real carrots and buttercream flowers. It also read 'Happy Birthday Ma'am', which is a proper way to address a royalty.

This is how Twitter reacted when they saw the delicacy

We wonder what wish did Camilla make when blowing out the candles?

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