Proving Her Royal Credentials! Lady Kitty Spencer Shares A Sweet Throwback Dressed As A Princess

Date July 9, 2018

Lady Kitty Spencer was definitely destined for royalty!

Just a few days ago, Princess Diana’s niece shared a rare throwback photo from her childhood. In it, little Kitty is seen dressed as a Disney princess, Belle from Beauty and the Beast.


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Her mom, Victoria Aitken, is also featured in a picture, which made numerous fans rush to post lovely comments. Many of them noticed the uncanny resemblance between Victoria and Kitty. But some also found similarities with the late People’s Princess.

And it’s no surprise!

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The resemblance between Diana and Kitty is hard to miss. The 27-year-old has thick blonde locks and beautiful big blue eyes, just like her aunt had.


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Besides, Kitty also followed in Diana’s footsteps. The daughter of Charles Spencer supports various charitable organizations and is not afraid of lending a helping hand when someone needs it. And we can’t help but notice that Kitty has effortless elegance just like late Diana did!


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The niece to the late princess can boast about having a successful modeling career. Recently, the 27-year-old has worked with some of the most powerful fashion brands and appeared in Vogue.


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And with more and more glamorous pictures of Kitty, we can confirm that Diana’s genes have passed along quite nicely!

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