Absolute Gold! Kate Hudson Shares A Cute Video Of Her Mom, Goldie Hawn's, Obsession With Dogs

Date July 16, 2018

Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn can boast a perfect mother-daughter relationship and close friendship. Throughout all these years, they have been supportive of each other, overcoming terrible odds and celebrating successes.

What’s the secret behind their great relationship?


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Both Kate and Goldie admit that parents and children need to listen to each other. Only in this way, you can learn something and become better. As Hawn says:

The problem is that as parents, we think we're supposed to know everything. But if you listen to your child, they will tell you things and every child is different.

We think that another key to their relationship is spending much time with each other. Just recently, the daughter and the mom have been on a vacation together. Now, that they’re back, 39-year-old Kate continues sharing cute photos and videos of Goldie.

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Just take a look at this one


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The actress shared a funny video of her mom surrounded by many dogs, promising to feed them and give a bone to each one of them. You can also hear an adorable Kate’s giggle in the background. In the caption, Hudson explained that all the pooches were boys, joking that she was the only girl in the family:

I’m still the only girl... #SeemsLikeOldTimes 🐶 🐕 🐶 #MamaAndHerBoys

In her turn, Goldie often posts photos of herself with dogs, melting her fans’ hearts.

Here are just a few of the snaps that can be found on her Instagram feed


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As for Kate, she will no longer be the only girl in the family soon. The actress is now pregnant with her third child. This time, she’s expecting a little daughter!

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