Best Of Friends: Inside The Iconic Friendship Of Two Oscar Winners, Tom Hanks And Julia Roberts

Date July 19, 2018

Who doesn’t know Julia Roberts? The actress can boast about appearing in countless hit movies and winning various prestigious awards, including the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award.


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Being one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, it’s no wonder she has a best friend who just happens to be an A-list actor as well. Just like Julia, Tom Hanks is an Oscar winner who often puts his family before career.


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The two bonded a lot while shooting their second movie together, Larry Crowne. In fact, Hanks created Roberts’ character with the actress in mind. And judging by the interviews from that time, there was nothing but support and mutual appreciation between the duo.


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When asked about Julia, Tom can’t help but shower her with compliments and the warmest words, and this short video clip is the best proof:

She's so easy to talk to… and she clearly delineates what's important in this world.

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What is the key to their friendship?

Many industry insiders think that Tom and Julia are so close because they’re both equally successful. When actors are at the same level of fame, it makes communication easier, leading to a long-lasting friendship.


Besides, they’re both easy-going, open, and friendly, which is a rare thing in the Hollywood world full of clashing egos, tight schedules, and feuds.

No wonder people appreciate their friendship as well

It would be nice to see another movie with the two A-listers starring in it, what do you think?

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