Amy Roloff Melts Hearts As She Shares Sweet Bonding Moment With Her 2 Grandkids: 'It Was So Precious'

Date August 13, 2018

At 53, Roloff is a proud grandmother to two adorable grandkids, Ember and Jackson. And Little People, Big World star is never shy about sharing sweet pictures of her bonding moments with little children.


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Judging by her Instagram feed, Roloff spends much time with her family, watching the kids grow up and teaching them valuable life experiences. Take, for example, one of the most recent posts shared by the grandma.


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In it, Roloff is seen sitting on the beach in Michigan, while Jackson and Ember are leaning on her from both sides. You can’t deny that the picture is adorable, but it was the heartwarming caption that melted our hearts.


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Amy accompanied the snap with a note about importance of sharing lifetime memories and moments with children and grandchildren:

To be able to show my two grandkids and my kids again where it all started for grandma and mom - Michigan - is more than I can describe. It was so precious and meant so much to me. It’s not about things but moments and places.

Isn’t it sweet?

Of course, the reality TV star also took her boyfriend Chris Marek on a trip and posted another shot of herself with him in front of a suspension bridge. She was clearly excited to show her man places she loves the most:

To have Chris here and show him this place I love and he liked it too meant a lot to me and made me so happy as well.


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How did the fans react?

It seems that Amy and Chris took their relationship to a completely new level, as it was the first tome she showed her boyfriend her hometown. We hope the couple are happy together!

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