Catherine Zeta-Jones Shares A Special Throwback Photo, Reminiscing About Her Royal Past: 'I Miss Being Royal'

Date August 14, 2018

Many girls dream of becoming princesses when they are little. But some women are still not shy about revealing their love of the royal family even in their 40s.

Take, for example, Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Welsh actress has just taken to Instagram to post a throwback picture, reminiscing about her royal past. In it, the 48-year-old looks regal and elegant in an 18th century gown and stunning jewelry. She captioned the image:

I miss being royal.

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Of course, Zeta-Jones is not royalty in real life. But she landed the lead role in ‘Catherine the Great’ back in 1995, and we can’t think of any other actress who would portray the character as iconic as Zeta-Jones did. They even share the same name!

© Catherine the Great (1996) / MR Filmproduktion

What is the movie all about?

It’s based on the life of Catherine II of Russia, the country's longest-ruling female leader. Some other cast members starring in it are Jeanne Moreau as Empress Elizabeth, Paul McGann as Potemkin, and Omar Sharif as Alexis Razumovsky.

Have you seen this film?

Judging by the fans’ reactions on Instagram and comments on Twitter, ‘Catherine the Great’ is a must see, especially if you are into history and magnificent costumes.

And we can’t deny that Catherine Zeta-Jones looked fantastic in it!

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Catherine Zeta-Jones