Andrea Bocelli Opens Up On How He Met And Fell In Love With His Wife Veronica

Date October 11, 2018 16:24

What makes two people feel they belong together? For Andrea Bocelli and his wife Veronica, it’s their common passion for music. The world-famous tenor opened up about a secret to his happy family life.

Andrea Bocelli Opens Up On How He Met And Fell In Love With His Wife VeronicaAndrea Bocelli Opens Up On How He Met And Fell In Love With His Wife Veronicagettyimages

Andrea and Veronica: how their love story began

Andrea Bocelli is a legendary figure in the music world. A story of the young man, who lost his sight at 12 after a football accident, but despite this, could become one of the greatest tenors of our time, deserves the highest admiration.

But, today, we want to focus on Bocelli’s personal life but not on his professional achievements. Andrea and his wife Veronica live in a happy marriage since 2014. Their passion for music helped them united.

Andrea sang an aria to Veronica on the night they met. Later, he described it as a “very wonderful moment between the two of them.”

It was the quickest, speediest start because we moved in with each other that same night. 


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12 years later, the lovebirds officially tied the knot. However, Bocelli said, in his opinion, their marriage began when they met.

Secret to a happy marriage

Music has always played a very special role in the couple’s relationships. Andrea and Veronica love the same kind of music and often spend romantic evenings listening to their favorite songs.

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Of course, they still argue as any other couple does. But what’s the most important, they can learn from their mistakes.   

Bocelli said:

A successful relationship between two people is an art. We have never had a fight, but we have argued. In this life, we learn a lot from our mistakes.


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Perfect match

Bocelli explained the age gap had never been an obstacle to their relationships. On the contrary, the singer thinks the 25-year age difference has made it easier, not harder.

Big age gaps are a tradition in my family – my own father and mother have one.

Andrea and Veronica transferred their chemistry into a successful duet. Their joint performance on stage couldn’t leave anyone indifferent.

Such stories of real people make us believe that true love exists. Bravo, Veronica and Andrea! We wish your love to last for many long years.

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