Gordon Ramsay Hilariously Embarrassed His Daughter Tilly While Dancing An Old-School Dance On Their Family Show

Date September 20, 2018

Oh, these parents! Sometimes, they behave just like kids and by their hilarious deeds can easily ‘embarrass’ the younger generation. Gordon Ramsay and his daughter Tilly had exactly the same moment during a recent episode of their TV show.


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Gordon Ramsay showed off his best moves

Celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, is the proud father of four. Ramsay doesn’t hide that he wants his children to follow in his footsteps and become professional chefs one day. His daughter Tilly is actually on her way to make Gordon’s dream come true.


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Gordon and Tilly co-star together in the cooking show Big Chef Little Chef. The father-daughter duo is really popular among the audience.

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In the show, Ramsay and his daughter do not only give cooking lessons, but they also discuss various important things. That’s exactly what they did in the Tuesday episode.


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Gordon and Tilly were discussing the importance of learning to cook at schools. The girl agreed with her famous dad that it’s actually a rather useful skill to learn for the students.

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Then, Ramsay mentioned that she and her mates can have dinner parties before discos. Tilly replied that her friends are not really fond of having dinner parties at 16. Besides, they go to parties but not discos.

At that moment, Gordon probably decided to recall his youth and gave her daughter a dancing lesson. It was really hilarious. Oh, you should better watch it by yourself.


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Best dad ever!

Gordon Ramsay is a super dad. In case you doubt that, please watch this compilation of Gordon’s classic moments. Little spoiler! Get ready to laugh out loud.

Great job, Gordon Ramsay! Your children are so lucky to have such a great dad like you.

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