How Cute Is That?! Jamie Oliver’s Kids Show Their Siblings’ Love And Tender Bond

Date September 14, 2018 09:53

Jamie Oliver is a great chef and a real star of numerous television shows. However, what Oliver is most proud of is his wonderful family. This sweet photo of his children is a vivid proof.


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The sweetest cuddle moment ever!

Jamie Oliver and his wife, Juliette Norton, are the great example of a strong and happy marriage. Jamie and Juliette got married eight years ago. Since that time, their family has grown by five kids.

To the big joy of his devoted fans, the famous chef often shares some sweet family moments on social media. Recently, Oliver posted a heart-melting picture of his children expressing their siblings’ love and tender bond.

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Jamie captioned the lovely photo:

His cuddles are just the best as are sisters!


His cuddles are just the best as are sisters! 👶🏼💛Xxx

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Isn’t it cute? It’s so great when siblings are so close. Of course, it’s all thanks to their parents. Jamie and Juliette teach their children to love and respect each other.

By the way, some of Oliver’s kids have already followed in their father’s footsteps. His son, Buddy, takes a great interest in cooking. Jamie says he’s a very quick learner. Though, sometimes, the father and son have some ‘little fights’ in the kitchen. Oliver said:

He thinks I don't let him cook enough - which is not true - but he tells mum that I need to work harder in letting him cook more at home.


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Well, Jamie Oliver’s kids have a lot to learn from their famous father. What a great family!

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