At His 101, Kirk Douglas And His Beloved Wife Anne Were Caught In Their Wheelchairs Enjoying A Promenade Together

Date September 17, 2018

Kirk Douglas, 101, and his wife Anne Buydens, 99, might be the oldest married couple in Hollywood. But even after 64 years of marriage, Kirk and Anne still share a very tender bond. Recently, two of them were caught in their wheelchairs enjoying a walk together.


Kirk and Anne enjoy a precious moment together

You may think that true love exists only in romantic movies and books. Fortunately, it’s not so. Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens’ love story is a vivid proof.

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Kirk and Anne have been married for more than six decades. How do you like the milestone?

But the best thing is that even after so many years together, the couple still shares very tender feelings. A honeymoon will never end to the iconic actor and his wonderful wife.

Recently, the Spartacus star and his lovebird were caught on camera during their promenade. Kirk and Anne were side-by-side while taken in their wheelchairs on Friday afternoon. The Golden Age couple spent a quality time together breathing the fresh air and enjoying the company of each other.


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Love after 64 years of marriage is not a fiction

Douglas and Buydens are rarely seen apart in their late years. What’s their secret? –you may ask.

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Kirk and Anne never separated even when they were apart. In his busy years, when Douglas was away most of the time in movie locations, they filled up the time spent apart by sending love letters to each other.

By the way, this year the legendary actor will turn 102. The whole family is planning to celebrate this special occasion. However, Kirk has already received his most precious gift – the love of his amazing wife Anne.

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