Eric Trump’s Son Celebrates His First Birthday. Should He Expect A Gift From The Granddaddy?

Date September 13, 2018

Eric Trump has some great news and he wants to share it with the rest of the world. His precious son, Luke, celebrates his first birthday.


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Happy birthday, little Luke!

In case you get tired to hear about politics and all that kind of things, Eric Trump and his wife Lara want to share some pleasant news. Their baby boy turns 1. Luke Trump is a big boy now.

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To mark this special occasion, the proud parents posted the adorable photo of three of them together with the birthday boy.

We can’t get enough of this sweet child. Just take a look at his stylish hair. No doubt, the little fellow will become a real heartthrob when he grows up. A lot of girls will fight for his attention.

Eric Trump wrote in a caption:

My best buddy’s first birthday! Ice cream at Serendipity with mom! 

 Can we expect a gift from the granddaddy?

But what’s about the rest of the family? Will Donald Trump send the warmest wishes to his grandson? People on social media are waiting.

No doubt, President Trump has a very busy schedule. Fortunately, the famous granddaddy doesn’t forget to devote time to his family. The president takes his responsibilities of a grandfather with pleasure.

What can be better than spending a quality time with your family? Great job, Mr. President!

Our best wishes to little Luke on his first birthday!

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