Michael Douglas Had A Sweet Reunion With Diane Keaton At The 2018 Emmy Awards. But Where Was His Wife Catherine?

Date September 18, 2018 13:38

The Emmy Awards ceremony is always full of surprises. This year was not an exception. Michael Douglas had a sweet reunion with his former co-star, Diane Keaton. But fans wonder – where was his wife Catherine?


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Michael, where is Catherine?

The Hollywood heartthrob, Michael Douglas, is always in the center of overall attention. That’s actually what happened at the 2018 Emmy Awards.

The veteran actor joined another Hollywood idol and his former co-star, Diane Keaton. The duo was spotted together posing for an epic candid picture.

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Michael and Diane indeed looked great together. However, there was one question that came to the fans’ minds – where was Catherine Zeta-Jones?

Well, we hope Catherine won’t get jealous of her husband for meeting his ex-colleague.

Douglas and Keaton co-starred together in the movie And So It Goes 4 years ago. The couple made a perfect onscreen duet. The film had a huge success and received a positive feedback from fans and critics.

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Michael Douglas’ advice to Emmy losers

As for this-year Emmys ceremony, Michael Douglas used his time on stage to give a piece of advice to those who failed to get the desired award.

The actor said:

So I want to give some advice to the losers. Carry that rage, let it fuel everything you do from this night forward.

Douglas was honored to present the award for Best Lead Actor in a comedy.

Good advice, Michael! You always make the point.

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