Hoda Kotb Shared A Few Sweet Images From The Memorial Day Weekend With Her Adopted Daughter Haley Joy

Date May 30, 2018

The sun shines bright, so Hoda Kotb couldn’t spend such a charming day without taking her family to the hot beach. The 53-year-old journalist shared a few adorable photos with her little daughter Haley Joy.

53-year-old mom

It has been more than a year already when Hoda Kotb decided to adopt charming Haley Joy. Since that time, the American journalist couldn’t feel happier about her life.


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Now, she has everything – beloved partner Joel Schiffman, whom she has been dating for already five years, adorable daughter Haley Joy, and millions of fans waiting for Hoda to post another cute, memorable photo from her life.

Sweet memories

On May 28, the 53-year-old mother cheered the Instagram users with a few charming photos of the small family vacation on the beach during the Memorial Day weekend.

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Little Haley looks really cute with Hoda’s partner Joel hiding under the umbrella from the scorching sun.

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Another memorable image captured the eldest member of the family, Hoda’s mother Sameha, laughing out loud next to a bit confused (but still lovely) Haley Joy.


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Incredible mother

Despite her senior age, Hoda is a stunning mother. She looks so happy next to Haley, while her little daughter makes her mom cheer every time they meet their eyes.

The phenomenal woman deserves being happy, and we are really delighted with the possibility to observe Hoda feeling exactly like this. Keep sharing new moments, dear; your family is marvelous.

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