Double Wedding For Miss America 1983: Vanessa Williams Tied The Knot Twice For A Sacred Reason

Date May 30, 2018

Vanessa Williams tied the knot for the second time a year after a fabulous wedding with Jim Skrip. The reason for the double ceremony is honoring both religions of the couple.

Amazing life

The first African-American Miss America 1983 had a life rich for both highs and lows. Her instant success during the national beauty contest was marked with even more rapid failure after the Penthouse magazine published her unauthorized naked photos.

She lost almost everything. However, Vanessa was wise enough to understand one thing: The best revenge is success. Her comeback featured her singing career and, again, instant popularity. Luckily, this time, everything went smoothly and flawlessly.

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Double marriage

Her third marriage was meant to make her the happiest woman in the world. Their wedding with Jim Skrip in his native town of Buffalo, in New York, was fabulous.

However, the couple decided to honor Vanessa’s religious views as well and her Catholic church. Her lovely Instagram posts gathered thousands likes for the passionate kissing and happy captions:

Yesterday we took one last walk down the aisle — this time in my little church. Officially wedded Catholic. Amen! #MyJim

The bride looked especially delighted in the Pamela Roland white gown with exquisite silver earrings. Vanessa’s children were also extremely touched with the second ceremony and marked their mother’s husband as a great guy.

Revenge complete

Williams’ youth mistakes were erased with her later success. Stunning singing career, as well as immaculate appearance, allowed her to conquer this cruel world and prove her life motto – the best revenge is success.

Vanessa Williams