Privacy No More: Harry And Meghan Can’t Keep “Ignoring Palace” Any Longer, A Royal Expert Says

Date July 19, 2019

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are under fire again. A royal commentator claims the ‘independent couple’ should finally stop ignoring palace.

Stop ignoring palace!

The royal lovebirds and the new parents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle probably got used to living in front of the public eyes with numerous paparazzi following their every step. It seems a bit tough, doesn’t it?

Royal experts and critics are always here to accuse the Sussexes of every misstep. Frankly speaking, we are a bit tired of all this criticism considering the royal couple. But voila! Here comes another twist.

A royal commentator Russell Myers said that Harry and Meghan live their lives like independent from the rest of the family. Myers even accused the couple of ignoring the palace PR briefings.

Myers said:

What are their PR people briefing them, and are they completely ignoring it?

‘Disasters’ keep coming

A few days ago, Myers also criticized the Sussexes, pointing out that they are “careeing from one disaster to another.”

Myers explained, obviously talking about Harry and Meghan’s baby’s private christening a week ago.

I’m afraid they need to really realize where they are in the world, and you can’t switch privacy on and off when you want.

What do you think about Myers’ words that Harry and Meghan should stop ignoring palace? Are they, indeed, doing it after all? Please, share with us in the comments.