'Be A Man': Donald Trump Addressed To Jimmy Fallon After The Host Recalled Their “Mess Up Hair” Moment Two Years Ago

Date June 26, 2018

Social media would be so boring without its active users, Donald Trump and Jimmy Fallon. These two always have something to say to each other. Here comes again. The president and the popular host just can’t get enough of trolling each other on Twitter. Who’s going to win this verbal battle?


“Be a man, Jimmy!”

It’s hard to describe President Trump and Jimmy Fallon’s relationships considering their constant mocking of each other on social media.

In his recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fallon said that he made a mistake during one of his show episodes that dates back to 2016. In particular, the host explained he regrets on tussling Donald Trump’s hair when he was a guest star in his Tonight Show.

The incident happened two months before Trump was elected into office. Jimmy confessed he faced a big criticism after he was “given a permission to mess up Trump’s hair.”


Donald Trump probably understood Fallon’s words about “made a mistake” in his own way. The president took to Twitter with his response asking Jimmy “to be a man” among other things.


Fallon also chose not to keep silence and tweeted back:

In his message, the host referred to a nonprofit organization that provides free legal services to immigrant children.

We wonder how long this verbal battle between Trump and Fallon will go on. Whose move will be next, gentlemen?

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