It Looks Like Little Jackson Roloff Is Doing Great After His Recent Injury. He Spends Quality Time With His Parents At Disneyland

Date July 4, 2018 11:34

What’s going on with our favorite Roloff family? Did you miss them? Last few weeks were full of bright events for little Jackson and his parents. Do you want to know the details? Then, just keep reading the article.

Jackson Roloff is doing great after his injury

As you know, little Jackson Roloff suffered a trauma one month ago. The kid injured his arm while playing, and his parents had to take him to the emergency room.

But it looks like this brave kid gets back to conquering the world. Jackson and his parents spent a family weekend at the Disney World, and they seemed to have so much fun together. Fortunately, Tori captured all their adventures on camera.

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Who wants a picture with Mickey Mouse? Everyone does! This is so cute! Tori commented on their trip to the “magic world:”

I lost myself for a week in magic and fun and made the best memories with my family and friends.

What a great family! And we are so happy that little Jackson completely recovered and shows no signs of the recent trauma.

What’s about the rest of the family?

While Tori, Zack, and baby Jackson spent some quality time at the Disney World, Amy Roloff enjoyed the family moments with her son Jacob and his lovely fiancée Isabel. Three of them arranged a picnic outside and had a great day in the company of each other.

Amy posted this adorable photo of them together on her Instagram and captioned:

Just taking a moment to hang out by the fire w/ Jacob and Isabel and a friend. It’s a beautiful night. Love moments like this.

What we love most about the Roloff family is their incredible and unique bond they share with each other. We need to follow in their footsteps and spend more time with our loved ones. Do you agree?

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