After A Tragic Demise Of His Sweet Daughter, Bode Miller Opens Up It Was Not The First Time He Experienced Unexpected Loss

Date June 14, 2018 11:46

After a tragic accident, Olympic skier Bode Miller announced the demise of his 19-month-old daughter. But it was not the first time when Bode had to deal with the loss of a close person. His brother Chelone died 5 years earlier.

Bode Miller opens up how he lost his brother

To lose your child is probably the worst nightmare of every parent. Earlier these days, Olympic skier Bode Miller experienced this nightmare for real. His little daughter Emeline drowned in a pool.

The devastated father announced the sad news on social media and asked people for privacy to his family amid this painful time.

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But it was not the first time when Miller lost his family member. 5 years ago, his brother Chelone died after a motorcycle accident. The young man spent 11 days in a coma. Doctors were fighting for his life, but unfortunately, Chelone couldn’t make it. He died at 29.

Tribute to the beloved brother

While still grieving his brother, Miller didn’t refuse to participate at the Winter Olympics. He said he did it in memory of late Chelone.

Bode explained he just wanted to turn his grief into inspiration. His brother would like him to do this.

I probably prefer just to mourn and be normal about it and treat my Olympics the way that it’s meant to be treated.

Bode Miller is a person with an incredible inner strength. We hope he’ll find a motivation to battle his grief amid the daughter’s loss, at least for the sake of his family. We keep praying for all of them.

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