How Old Is Melania Trump? The Couple Has Been Able To Make It Work Despite The Massive Age Gap

Date July 20, 2018

How old is Melania Trump? Though it’s a pretty simple question, most people cannot answer it without making a search in Wikipedia. Do you know the answer?

What’s Melania Trump’s age?

The former model and the current First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, was born in Slovenia on April 26, 1970. Did you count already how old she is?


Melania is 48. But agree that FLOTUS looks much younger than her age. If you see some of her throwback and current photos, you won’t probably notice a huge difference. The age seems to have no power over Mrs. Trump. Or maybe, she’s just found the fountain of the eternal youth. Nobody knows.

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What’s about Donald Trump? He is 72. Does he look at his age?


Some people get surprised to find out that the president is 24 years older than his wife. But it doesn’t seem to worry any of them.

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Why the age gap is not an obstacle for Donald and Melania

Donald and Melania Trump met in 1998 at the time of Melania’s modeling past. Donald reportedly asked her phone number, but she refused and took his number instead. From that moment, their romantic story begins.

After 7 years of dating, the couple got married. Melania is Trump’s third wife. Shortly after the wedding, Melania gave birth to her first and his fifth child, son Barron.


When in 2016, Donald ran for president of the United States and got the victory, Melania stood by her husband’s side. For 2 years since that moment, Melania successfully performs her duties as the First Lady.

Like any other couple, Donald and Melania have their ups and downs; however, the 24-year age gap doesn’t seem to affect their marriage in any way. The Trumps have healthy relationships, which are going strong even after 13 years of marriage.

Great job, Donald and Melania! We are very happy for you.

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