President Trump Finally Breaks Silence On ‘Roseanne’ Cancellation. Maybe, There Is Still A Chance To Save The Popular Show?

Date May 31, 2018

President Donald Trump finally broke the silence on the bombshell news about Roseanne cancellation. Maybe, the president could save the fate of the popular show. Let’s find out.

Could President Trump save ‘Roseanne’?

On Tuesday, ABC studio literally hit the social media with their announcement to cancel the world-favorite sitcom Roseanne. The news came after Roseanne Barr’s offensive tweet about Obama’s former adviser, Valerie Jarett.

Though the actress deleted the racist tweet and apologized to Jarett, ABC already made a decision to cancel the show for the 11th season.

President Donald Trump, who is known as a big fan of the show, also couldn’t stay aside from the sad news and, finally, broke his silence amid all this scandal.

On Wednesday, Trump took to Tweeter to express his opinion on this matter.

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No need to remind that Donald Trump is a great supporter of the popular series. The president even called Roseanne Barr after the show reboot to congratulate the actress and the cast on the successful comeback.

Roseanne indeed made a fantastic return on television after being off the air for more than two decades. TV ratings after the premiere reached 17.7 million viewers watched the first two series.

Who knows, maybe, there is still a chance to save Roseanne from cancellation. What do you think?

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