Stormy Daniels Sues Her Former Lawyer For $100,000 And Accuses Him Of Secret Collusion With Donald Trump

Date June 8, 2018

Stormy Daniels is not going to calm down. This time, her former lawyer, Keith Davidson, was ‘stormed’ by Ms. Daniels. The adult film star is claiming damages in excess of $100,000. Are you sure it’s enough for you, Stormy?


Stormy Daniels steps on the warpath again

In the last few months, the name of Stormy Daniels makes the headlines more often than any other celebrities.


Recently, Stormy hit mass media with her emotional statement about Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen accusing him of acting “like he is above the law.”

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This time, the former porn star stepped on the warpath against her former lawyer, Keith Davidson. Daniels accused Davidson of acting to benefit Mr. Trump’s interests instead of her own. She also called Keith a “puppet” for Donald Trump and Michael Cohen.

Her current lawyer, Michael Avenatti, told Fox News he has evidence that Davidson and Cohen texted regularly, and Cohen constantly received a private information considering Ms. Daniels from her former attorney.

These text messages show that the prior denials by Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen relating to what Mr. Trump knew and about the honesty of my client were absolute lies.

Avenatti tweeted on Wednesday calling Mr. Davidson “a disgrace to the profession.” He added that Ms. Daniels deserved better.

Daniels sues Davidson for $100,000.


It seems like the adult film actress has all chances to get some handsome profit. We wonder who will be next to get stormed by Daniels?

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