Barbra Streisand Jokes She Has Never Been Sexually Harassed Because Of Her Nose

Date July 20, 2018

Great actress and world-famous star, Barbra Streisand, reveals she's never experienced sexual harassment throughout her lasting career in Hollywood. Barbra jokes it was probably because of her nose.


Barbra never had a #MeToo moment in her career

Shortly after the 35th annual Television Festival at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, a producer Ryan Murphy had a heart-to-heart talk with the legend of cinematography, fabulous and one-of-the-kind Barbra Streisand.











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In the course of their vivid conversation, Murphy asked Streisand whether she’s ever suffered sexual harassment during her path to glory in Hollywood. Barbra, who is known for her exceptional sense of humor and incredible self-irony, replied she never had a #MeToo moment in her career and joked it may be because of her “not standard look.”

Never! I wasn't like those pretty girls with those nice little noses. Maybe that's why.

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The problem of sexual harassment captioned the overall public attention in 2017. Time magazine has even called “The Silent Breakers” its Person of the Year.

During their talk with Murphy, Barbra Streisand revealed her opinion on this matter. The actress said:

We’re in a strange time now, in terms of men and women, and the pendulum swinging this way and that way, and it’s going to have to come to the center.











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Today, Streisand has a great career in Hollywood, but there was a period in her life when she avoided the press for years. Barbra explained  she often felt abused by the media. In her early years, the actress reportedly got used to hearing offensive remarks about her appearance. Fortunately, Streisand says she is over it all now.











Допис, поширений Barbra Streisand (@barbrastreisand)


Barbra Streisand is an iconic figure in the film industry who is not afraid to talk about the current climate in Hollywood. Her devoted fans are really thankful for that.

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