Donald Trump Jr. Had A Very Funny Nickname During His College Years

Date June 21, 2018

Long before making headlines as the First Son, Donald Trump Jr. had a less pleasant title. The new book “Born Trump” describes some little-known details about the President’s children and even reveals Donald Jr.’s nickname over his college years. Any ideas what it could be?

Donald Jr.’s hilarious college nickname

Today, we know Donald Jr. as the President’s son, a successful businessman, and vice president of the Trump Organization. But some years ago, Donald Jr. had been known by another title.


According to the new book “Born Trump” written by Emily Jane Fox, Trump Jr. got a pretty cute nickname during his college years: Diaper Don.

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As the author claims in her book, Donald earned a reputation of a messy guy while he studied at the University of Pennsylvania.

Diaper Don would wake up in some stranger’s dorm room or off-campus apartment, wetting their beds, and walk back to his own room.

Meanwhile, Donald Jr.’s spokesman denies these details from the book and calls them “simply false.” However, he doesn’t refute the nickname Diaper Don.

In his turn, the First Son confirms he was a party guy over the college years and had a lot of ridiculous stories to share, but not mentioning the ‘wetting beds thing’.


Well, many of us had funny nicknames during school and college years. “Diaper Don” is not the worst one, do you agree?

In case you also have a cute nickname from your classmates, please, don’t forget to share it with us. We look forward to hearing your stories!

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