What's Ivanka Trump's Salary At The White House?


June 15, 2018 13:24 By Fabiosa

Have you ever been interested to find out how much President Trump’s advisors earns at the White House? And if you are a president’s daughter, does it influence your salary?

Today, we decided to investigate what’s Ivanka Trump’s net worth since she began working with her father.

What’s Ivanka Trump’s salary at the White House?

The First Daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, reported their joint assets of $240 million by the end of 2017. But if you think that Ivanka and Jared earn such a handsome profit working at her father’s administration, then we need to disappoint you: It is definitely false.

The White House doesn’t hide the salaries of its employees from the public eye and posted an official document on 16 pages detailing the earnings of its staff.

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Maybe, you will be surprised to find out that Ivanka Trump, who is a senior advisor to Donald Trump, works unpaid at her father’s Office.


In such case, how does she earn for her living? Let’s investigate.

Outside income

Besides their work at the White House, Ivanka and her husband get the major amount of their income from the outside sources, mostly from the real estate.


Ivanka receives payments from the group of companies, including TTT Consulting and TTT Venture. Other income comes from Ivanka Trump's businesses, the Trump International Hotel in Washington and from the Trump Corporation.

Her husband Jared, who also works unpaid as the President’s advisor, is a successful real estate developer and a founder of Kushner Companies.

Some sources claim that if combine Ivanka and Jared’s fortunes, their net worth together equals approximately $740 million. However, the couple does not confirm these numbers.

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