"Superman" Star Margot Kidder’s Death Has Been Ruled A Suicide. What Could Make The Actress Take Her Own Life?

Date August 10, 2018 15:21

The beloved Superman star, Margot Kidder, was pronounced dead at the age of 69. At that time, her rep explained the actress passed away peacefully in her sleep. However, months later, new unexpected details considering Kidder’s sad passing have been revealed.


Margot Kidder’s cause of death revealed

On May 13, 2018, the world lost the great actress and wonderful woman, Margot Kidder. She was 69.

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Kidder was best-known for her iconic role of Lois Lane in Superman. The actress co-starred with Christopher Reeve in four Superman movies.

Later, Margot appeared in a number of small films and television shows. The actress was honored with a Daytime Emmy Award in 2015.

The death of the beloved star appeared to be a real shock for her family and colleagues. Kidder was found breathless in her Montana home. The cause of her demise hadn't been revealed until now.

A statement released by the Park County coroner Richard Wood says Margot Kidder’s death was not sudden, The Guardian reported.

The beloved actress died as a result of a self-inflicted drug and alcohol overdose.


After the announcement, Kidder’s demise has been ruled a suicide. Her daughter, Maggie McGuane, explained it was a “big relief” to have the truth revealed:

It’s important to be open and honest so there’s not a cloud of shame in dealing with this.

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We ask everyone not to judge the actress or make any guesses about what could make Margot take her own life. Hope Kidder found her peace now.

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Suicide prevention: There is always a way out!

With better understanding and awareness about a suicide danger, there is always a chance to prevent the tragedy before it happens. How can you stop a suicide? Experts suggest paying attention to these important points:

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  1. Take any suicidal talk or behavior seriously. If you notice a person is thinking about suicide – it's a cry for help.
  2. If you notice a friend or relative is deeply depressed for a lasting period of time, start a conversation first. You may ask the following question: "Recently, I have noticed some differences in you and wondered how you are doing."
  3. Show your support to a person who experiences constant stress or depression. You can say: "You are not alone in this. I’m here for you."
  4. Do not hesitate to offer your help even if a person says he/she doesn’t need it.
  5. Address for a professional advice of a psychologist or find a group which specializes in ‘Understanding and preventing suicide’ approach.

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And the last but not less important! Never neglect to offer a helping hand to a person in need. Sometimes, one good word can save a human life.

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